West Hollywood Installs Bigbelly Solar-Powered Compacting Waste/Recycling Bins

The City of West Hollywood is rolling out a new system for garbage and recycling along Santa Monica […]

“A Solar Trash Can?” | Yale Climate Connections

Solar-powered waste bins are compacting trash, saving money, and reducing carbon pollution. After you drop your garbage in […]

Bigbelly Receives ‘Acceptance Letters’ from Universities and Colleges across the Country

Campus-wide deployments result in an average of 80 percent efficiency gains while supporting universities’ commitment to sustainability and […]

Bigbelly Powering Waste and Recycling to Help Keep Public Spaces throughout the West Coast Clean

Bigbelly adds Downtown Los Angeles, Cities of Tracy, Santa Barbara and Ventura, and Northern Arizona State University to its […]

“Bigbelly wants to be more than a smart trash company”

Green Biz’s Heather Clancy reports on Bigbelly’s transformation to offer much more than smart public space waste management. […]

Bigbelly Honored as This Year’s Top Smart City Application

Receives People’s Choice Award in the 2014/15 Internet of Things Awards NEWTON, MASS., January 26, 2015 – Bigbelly, […]

“How Bigbelly Evolved from a Waste-Management Firm to an IoT Company”

Reposted from the IoT Journal: The fast-growing business hopes to leverage a piece of vital urban infrastructure—the public […]

Bigbelly Accelerated Growth in 2014 and is Well Poised for Worldwide Expansion in 2015

Advanced technologies supporting Smart City and IoT initiatives helped grow Bigbelly’s customer base to 47 countries; expanded leadership […]

Sustainability & Operational Efficiency in Healthcare Facilities

Trade-offs are a fact of life. Evaluating trade-offs can help set priorities, for example by making us confront […]

The Alliance for Downtown New York Expands its use of Bigbelly Waste and Recycling Units

NEWTON, MASS., November 5, 2014 – BigBelly Solar (Bigbelly), the world leader in smart waste and recycling solutions, […]

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