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Douglas County

Project Description

Case Study: Douglas County Parks, Trails & Building Grounds


Reducing Collections

Chris Williams, District Supervisor of Douglas County Parks, Trails and Building Grounds, was first introduced to Bigbelly in 2008. Douglas County was most interested in the Bigbelly solution for the length of time they could go between collections thanks to the 150 gallon capacity.

With this goal in mind, Williams was able to have 12 Bigbelly stations deployed as a pilot, nine compactors at their county buildings in Castle Rock and three in a large regional park in Highlands Ranch around a busy playground. The sole goal for this deployment strategy was to create enough critical mass to cut collections.

Impressive Efficiency

“In most cases we were collecting once or twice a week with the old-style cans. We now actually go 20 to 30 days between collections.”Douglas County has been able to reach a 95% collection efficiency rate by utilizing the CLEAN management console.

According to Williams, they have been able to attain this level of efficiency by checking CLEAN every morning, as well as throughout the day. Staff is then only deployed when a station’s fullness level has reached “yellow,” indicating that a trip is warranted.

All employees with smart phones have downloaded the CLEAN mobile application so they can check the fullness status of nearby stations is they are in the field.

This data and the increased capacity has allowed Williams to reduce the amount of staff hours and fuel spent on collections.

Hidden Benefits

“With our standard trash receptacles we have a real problem with birds dragging trash from the waste baskets and scattering it on the ground. The Bigbelly stations have eliminated that problem.”

Like any park, Douglas County’s are judged primarily on their aesthetics. The Bigbelly stations have not only allowed Williams to reduce the number of collections, but have also prevented unsightly overflows when soccer leagues create high volumes. Additionally, the solution has eliminated the messes caused by animals.

Williams is eager to expand their system footprint after the success of their initial purchase of Bigbelly stations. They plan to have Fairgrounds Regional Park completely outfitted with Bigbelly stations in the next three years utilizing conservation trust fund lottery dollars.

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