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Arnsberg, Germany

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Case Study: Arnsberg, Germany


Arnsberg: Technische Dienste Arnsberg

Saving energy and protecting the environment in Europe doesn’t always require a decree from Berlin or Brussels. Sustainability should be a goal for every organization and individual.

The “Technischen Dienste Arnsberg” (Sanitation Department), a German hauler in the city of Arnsberg, is doing their part to achieve these objectives. After reading an article in an industry journal and seeing a television report about a Bigbelly deployment in Dresden, they contacted the German distributor for Bigbelly, German EcoTec GmbH, to learn more about the solution.

Geographically, Arnsberg is a grouping of two independent cities and twelve municipalities along the river “Ruhr”, which makes it very time-consuming for the hauler to visit all of the litter bins. “Being able to collect less frequently was the most import argument for getting interested in the Bigbelly”, says Martina Koch of the Technische Dienste.

In very crowded areas in the city, litter bins filled very quickly, needing to be emptied daily.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAThese dynamics meant litter was an ongoing problem in Arnsberg; even though street cleaning companies, haulers and citizens tried to keep the area clean, the litter bins overflowed, looked dirty and had a tremendous negative impact on citizens and tourists. Technischen Dienste decided to employ Bigbelly in its battle against litter.

“First we placed a unit at the marketplace and the bus station,” explained Mrs. Koch, adding that “The reaction to the units was almost consistently positive”. Koch also says that while the overall hauling process is much more efficient, the solution has been particularly valuable during big events.

The Technischen Dienste and German EcoTec conducted their initial testing phase with two stations. Deeming the pilot a success, they leased 13 more stations, specifically for these heavily utilized areas.

With this deployment, Arnsberg made a huge step towards having an environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient hauling process. The Bigbelly solution illustrates that sustainability not only means being eco-conscious, it also means being money-saving, but financially beneficial.

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