BigBelly Components

On-Site Solar-Powered Compaction

It might sound simple, but this was the ground-breaking idea that started everything for us at Bigbelly. By compacting trash – and now recycling – at the point of collection, Bigbelly components create a swath of benefits for numerous parties:

• Increased capacity of more than 150 gallons means no overflows and collections can happen less frequently

• No overflows mean less ambient litter and cleaner streets and parks — not to mention increased civic pride and property values

• Fully enclosed containers eliminate numerous problems created by wind, snow, rain and animals

All of those perks, combined with the knowledge and insights that come from being connected to the CLEAN Management Console makes Bigbelly an indispensable tool for creating greener, cleaner and more efficient public spaces.

Recycling Too!

Bigbelly compactors aren’t just for trash anymore — more and more of our customers are using the additional on-site capacity for single-stream recycling as well. By adding a compacting recycler to your station, you can cut collection frequency on both streams and double your efficiency.