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The Bigbelly smart waste and recycling system is comprised of modular components that enable you to deploy waste, recycling, and even compost stations that meet the needs of each station locations. At the core of your Bigbelly system is the CLEAN Management Console which delivers actionable data from your customized configuration of Bigbelly and Smartbelly stations. Each station provides both real-time and historical collection data that can be accessed via the cloud-based CLEAN.

Figuring out whether or not a particular trash can needs to be emptied has historically been a guessing game… Do you over collect to ensure there are no overflows? Or, do you roll the dice and hope that it can make it another day? This age-old conundrum is removed from your operations with a Bigbelly system deployment. The world has come a long way in the modernization of technology and core services such as waste management now benefits from these advances.

They reduce sidewalk litter, and the recycling containers contribute to the sustainability of our community. And they look good! The simple lines create a clean look that fits in well with Rosslyn’s cityscape.
Cecilia Cassidy, Rosslyn Business Improvement District

Choose Your Stations & Customization

Smartbelly Stations

Smartbelly Station
Smart, Standard Capacity

Bigbelly Stations

Bigbelly Station
Smart, High Capacity

Monitor and report station fullness remotely
Communicates with the Bigbelly cloud to deliver station-specific and fleet-wide data
Solar Powered
No electricity is necessary for fullness level sensing or communication with the Bigbelly cloud
Station Capacity
Two options available to fit your volume and collection needs
Standard Capacity
50 gallon / 190 liters – Designed for lower-capacity scenarios
High Capacity
150 gallons / 570 liters – Automatic compaction when full allows 5x capacity of standard bins
Configurable Multi-Stream
Multi-stream options available to create customized combination stations (pairing Smartbelly with Bigbelly where necessary)
Waste, Single-Stream Recycling, Bottle/Can Recycling, Paper Recycling, Organics (Compost) Waste and Single-Stream Recycling
Public space compostable collection made with timely collection & enclosed design
Enclosed Design
The flagship hopper design keeps waste contained while deterring pest access and preventing waste overflow and wind-blown litter
For Compost Stations Only
Customization Options
Equip your Bigbelly system with accessories and leverage the real estate as a messaging platform
Wraps, Stickers, Side Panels, Ashtray, Security Shield Wraps, Stickers, Side Panels, Ashtray, Security Shield
Download Tech Spec Sheets Smartbelly Tech Specs Bigbelly Tech Specs
While Bigbelly was founded on the conception of waste compaction in a user-facing station, the product offering has evolved to emphasize the multitude of data available from this incredibly valuable real estate. We empower our customers to operate a smarter, more efficiency, cost-effective, and connected waste management fleet. The data available enables just-in-time collection, saving organizations time and fuel while ensuring there are no overflow issues in the field.

Bigbelly and Smartbelly stations’ differences in capacity gives you the ability to choose the right-size for each location and can help organizations shrink collection frequency by 70-80% in a fiscally responsible way while ensuring every street, campus, facility, and park corner is included in your Bigbelly System deployment.

Customize Your Stations

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Bigbelly stations made? Why is there a solar panel? Can they only be placed in a sunny spot? Take a look at some Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about Bigbelly, the components, and the system as a whole. Have other questions not covered? Reach out to us and we’re happy to help!

Configure Your Smart Waste & Recycling System

CLEAN Management Console

CLEAN Management Console



Waste & Recycling Stations


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Managed Services


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