The Smart Waste & Recycling Solution

The Bigbelly Solution

Smart Waste & Recycling System

Bigbelly offers an enterprise approach to smart, connected waste management deployments. Your local account representative will work with you to evaluate your current waste management situation by conducting an assessment of your waste and recycling footprint, costs, and drivers to build out a Bigbelly system customized to your facility and needs. The CLEAN Management Console empowers you to monitor and evaluate station fullness, trends, and historical analysis reporting.

As a Bigbelly customer, you will be fully onboarded to the stations and CLEAN platform to ensure that you are in complete control of your deployment. Alternatively with Managed Services, the Bigbelly account management team can manage and report to you on your deployment’s performance.


Public Space Waste: A Core Service


Quality of Space Challenges

Visible Waste, Pest Access, Overflow, Windblown Litter

Operational Challenges

Unknown Fullness, Inadequate Capacity, High Operational Costs, High Collection Frequency

The Complete Bigbelly Solution


Configure Your Smart Waste & Recycling System

CLEAN Management Console

CLEAN Management Console


Waste & Recycling Stations

Managed Services

Managed Services

A Smart, Connected System Delivering Real-Time Analysis

analyze real time data with Bigbelly's system
Each Bigbelly deployment of smart, street-tough, and solar-powered stations delivers real-time data to a web-based dashboard. Never before has waste and recycling management volume, collection, and efficiency data been available and collected just-in-time for actionable operation changes and visible results.

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