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Transform a Liability into an Asset

South Miami Hospital selected Bigbelly as part of our commitment to environmental responsibility, operational excellence, and patient well-being.

— Jerome Marshall, Director of Facilities Management, South Miami Hospital

Patients, families and staff expect pristine conditions in every aspect of a healthcare delivery setting. Making a great first impression starts before visitors and staff even step foot inside your buildings. Increase recycling, eliminate overflowing receptacles and ambient litter while eradicating animal issues with Bigbelly. There is no better way to keep your entrances and public spaces looking tidy while also promoting your sustainability initiatives in highly visible areas.

Keeping Stops & Shelters Tidy

Bigbelly at South Miami Hospital

[Blog Post] Sustainability and Operational Efficiency in Healthcare Facilities

Trade-offs are a fact of life. Evaluating trade-offs can help set priorities, for example by making us confront options and select the ones that really matter. But in other cases, the long-term effect of trade-offs can lead to outcomes that we would prefer to avoid. In healthcare, trade-offs between costs and mission are daunting. Technology has emerged as a way to help dampen the pain of the trade-offs, especially with respect to patient outcomes.  It is seen everywhere, from the OR and ER to records and building services. The results are impressive and encourage us to embrace technology. Read More →

[Blog Post] Front of House Waste Collection: the Tip of an Operational Iceberg [Part 1]

Front of house waste collection is the tip of an operational iceberg of every hospital’s day to day activities. What we see are trash cans, people disposing of and collecting trash, and from time to time overflows and litter. What we don’t see is the carting of trash up and down floors, to totes in trash rooms, from trash rooms to dumpsters; vehicles patrolling parking structures; missed opportunities for recycling; or the hidden costs of supporting these activities. Read More →

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Bigbelly Launches Connect™ – a Turnkey Enterprise Wide System for Smart Waste and Recycling

New Platform as a Service model allows customers to quickly realize the financial and operational benefits of Bigbelly’s innovative approach... Read More →
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