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Cleaner & Greener Streets

This technology will save taxpayers money, introduce sidewalk recycling and keep our streets clean. This is one more important step towards achieving our sustainability goals.

– Michael Nutter,
Mayor, Philadelphia

Philadelphia has over 1,000 Bigbelly stations installed.

Every single time a trash can is emptied, it incurs labor costs, fuel costs and vehicle wear-and-tear — not to mention overflow litter clean-up tasks that use even more human capital. In aggregate, the collection costs associated with each receptacle in a downtown area can exceed $2,000. But cities around the world are now slashing collection frequency and reducing litter with the Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling System. By combining increased on-site capacity with compaction, implementing a public space recycling program that actually works and using real-time data and analytics to drive operational planning and resource allocation, these organizations are saving money, reducing their carbon footprint and making their public spaces more attractive for citizens, businesses and visitors.

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Parks & Beaches

Recent News of Bigbelly in Municipalities


Los Angeles Downtown Center Business Improvement District Expands its Commitment to a Cleaner Downtown with an Additional Investment in the Bigbelly Smart Waste and Recycling System

Beautifying public spaces and optimizing waste collection in the District’s marquee area enhances public spaces for visitors, workers and residents... Read More →

DTE Energy adds solar trash compactors in downtown Detroit

DTE Energy has installed seven solar-powered trash compactors and recycling units in downtown Detroit. The so-called “Bigbelly” devices collect and... Read More →

DTE Energy installs Detroit’s first solar energy trash compactors

Environmentally friendly units delivered to neighborhood Friday DETROIT, Aug. 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — DTE Energy’s downtown neighborhood is even cleaner... Read More →

IoT on the USA’s East Coast

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7 features of the new Commons

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Downtown Wichita Falls is Going Green with Recycling Bins

Downtown Wichita Falls is “going green”.  Four Big Belly recycling bins will be placed on the streets of downtown. These... Read More →

Bigbelly for Public Transportation: Tidy Stops Mean Happy Riders

The inherent dispersed nature of shelters, stops and stations make waste collection an operational challenge. Factor in the often patchworked assortment of personnel and contractors responsible for this maintenance and it can be nearly impossible to ensure that customers are having a positive experience while waiting or disembarking for their bus, tram or train.

The Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling System is uniquely positioned to solve many of these headaches by offering additional on-site capacity — making overflows a thing of the past — and combining that with remote monitoring capabilities that let a central office or field personnel get a real-time view of the current situation.

And since the Bigbelly solution qualifies under many federal, state and local grant programs, more and more transit organizations are getting on-board with this program.

Bigbelly for Parks & Beaches: Keeping Green Spaces Clean

Parks and beaches are the crown jewels of most communities, but the resources required to keep them in pristine condition can tax even the most well-funded departments.

Instead of settling for overflowing trash cans or driving needlessly to each park in your system to try and keep up with the demand, the Bigbelly system gives unique visibility into every location from any web-enabled device.

Additionally, Bigbelly has helped numerous communities bring a recycling option to parks and playing fields where water and sports drink bottles make up the majority of the waste stream.

And for our customers lucky enough to include beaches under their purview, Bigbelly waste and recycling stations keep trash from blowing into the water and prevent the seagulls and other animals from creating unsavory litter problems.

Bigbelly for Ports & Harbors: Only the Seagulls are Unhappy

Municipalities on the water have an additional type of public space that landlocked places do not… harbors and ports. Ports face a unique set of challenges:

    • Daily influx of truck drivers with cabins full of trash
    • A windy waterfront location where loose material can easily end up in the waterways
    • A vast campus that is hard to manage

Bigbelly provides the perfect solution to these, by keeping trash under control and out of the water while letting port management organizations display their commitment to environmental stewardship.

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