Greener Garbage – Thayer Street rolls out innovative waste collection

While there has been no shortage of discussion about the arrival of nefarious machines on the East Side (see our April cover story for more about the City’s parking meter roll out), not all of the new automatons have been received with contempt. Over on Thayer Street, the sidewalks are now home to a small army of Bigbelly Smart Waste and Recycling System receptacles, which have replaced all of the street’s traditional garbage cans.

Each of these units comes equipped with sensors to gather and analyze data, letting waste collectors know when they are nearing or at capacity. This has made waste collection more efficient, with an improvement rating of 90% in the first three months of use alone. Now, instead of sending crews out daily to empty trashcans, Thayer Street District Management Authority finds they only have to send crews out once per week.

“The Bigbelly smart waste and recycling system enables the Thayer Street community to enjoy cleaner streets and sidewalks,” TSDMA Chairman Dean Martineau said in a press release. Like Hope Street’s plan for solar powered street lighting, this marks another step towards a greener East Side.


Source: The Providence Monthly, by Tony Pacitti,18523