The Smart Waste & Recycling Solution



We Check All the Boxes…

Including Others You May Have Never Thought About!

Bigbelly addresses a number of challenges facing our various customers, as well as filling many needs that may not even be on your radar including the transformation of public space waste management to match the ever-connected world that we live in.

From Smart Cities to Internet of Things and the constant connection of a data stream, an enterprise Bigbelly deployment stages your facility, campus, or municipality for the future of core services as we know it.

  • Saves Money
  • Reduces Litter
  • Provides Invaluable Operations Data
  • Increases Recycling
  • Conserves Fuel
  • Handles 5 Times as Much Waste

  • Reduces Carbon Footprint
  • Eliminates Waste Overflow
  • Frees Up Labor
  • Lowers Tipping Fees
  • Keeps Out the Pests
  • Enhances & Modernizes Core Services

Smart Cities: Modernizing and Connecting for Customers around the World

Connected and smart, Bigbelly is key part of a global evolution towards Smart City strategy. From the innovation offices and mayoral dashboard to the empowered street workers and encouraged citizens, a Bigbelly deployment that leverages the CLEAN data stream sets up any city, town, campus, or facility for the future of success.

Take a peek at Smart Cities of the future from the eyes of an industry leader in the space. Keep an eye out for Bigbelly!

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