Solar Powered Big Belly Receptacles Installed in Downtown

The purchase and installation of the receptacles in Janet Leigh Plaza were the result of a very thoughtful process by DSA’s Clean and Safe Committee.

The Big Belly compactors work using solar powered technology. The software installed within provides real time information and allows to track the waste in each compactor resulting in more efficient collection services. The enclosed nature of the units means the public is less exposed to the trash and odor, and the trash and recyclables are less vulnerable to rodents, insects, and scavenging. The units are attractive enough to complement a well-planned and designed space.

The first two sets of units are the demonstration/pilot program between DSA, Atlas Properties and the City of Stockton and we hope to place more of such units throughout Downtown Stockton in the future.

For more information, contact (209) 464-5246.


Source: Caravan News