Customer Highlight / NYC Bigbelly in the Big Apple

The Bigbelly system is advancing across New York City as Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), Parks, and the Department of Sanitation seek innovative ways to keep the Big Apple clean and green. With over 50 million visitors annually and over 8 million residents, public spaces produce a lot of waste that needs to be disposed of every year. These have proved to be perfect conditions to leverage the Bigbelly system. The Times Square Alliance, with sponsorship from the Alcoa Foundation, spearheaded the first major Bigbelly deployment in New York City. The Downtown Alliance, with a full scale deployment in lower Manhattan and several Manhattan Parks, have followed suit. Bigbelly is helping keep parks clean and safe by containing trash and helping reduce pest problems. This week, Brooklyn joined the expanding ranks by deploying almost 200 stations throughout the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Williamsburg and Greenpoint. Building on our success in New York City, Bigbelly has the pleasure of working with these neighborhoods in an effort to help them manage their waste with an innovative new solution.

Originally published in Bigbelly Monthly Newsletter: