The Smart Waste & Recycling Solution

Resource Optimization

Labor & Vehicle Efficiency

Servicing your public space waste & recycling locations is one of the most resource intensive operations your organization faces. You can either over-collect to ensure there are no problem areas or roll the dice and hear the complaints when overflows and litter problems plague an area.

But with the Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling System, you take the guesswork out of the game and switch to a just-in-time collection philosophy. This means you can divert labor to other pressing needs and keep those gas-guzzling, CO2 producing vehicles parked a little more often. And when you add in the power of the Bigbelly System, your need to hit the streets will plummet while your constituent satisfaction skyrockets.


Leverage Real-Time Data with CLEAN

The CLEAN Management Console is your go-to portal for maximum optimization of your waste management services. With each of your Bigbelly stations geotagged in CLEAN, you are able to monitor each station’s fullness level, the route it is located within, expected next collection, alerts or notification, and more. When a station sends a signal to web-based CLEAN, you are alerted and can alter your waste management fleet’s routes to increase efficiency and save costs, labor time, and gasoline. Reallocate your workers’ labor hours to other recognized improvement projects that they did not have time to tackle before Bigbelly.   /   Discover CLEAN →

Real-Time Data


Historical Analysis




Diversion Rate Reporting


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