Resource Optimization

Labor & Vehicle Efficiency

Instead of stopping at 100 trash cans every day, our workers only have to stop at 3 or 4. Everything from gas to man power turns into savings.”
— Dan DiLillo, City of Albany, NY
Servicing your public space waste & recycling locations is one of the most resource intensive operations your organization faces. You can either over-collect to ensure there are no problem areas or roll the dice and hear the complaints when overflows and litter problems plague an area.

But with the Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling System, you take the guesswork out of the game and switch to a just-in-time collection philosophy. This means you can divert labor to other pressing needs and keep those gas-guzzling, CO2 producing vehicles parked a little more often.

And when you add in the power of the Bigbelly System, your need to hit the streets will plummet while your constituent satisfaction skyrockets.