Keeping Out the Critters

Everything In Its Place

Now in their fifth generation, Bigbelly solutions have been designed to deliver the optimal performance for our customers.

Bigbelly compactors have been a good addition for our trash management.  They have reduced our tipping frequencies, kept animals out of the trash, and best of all, students like to see and use them.”
— Les Lawson, Iowa State University
In addition to the labor and fuel savings that come from optimized collection operations, our customers have realized one of the other key benefits of the solution – keeping trash in and animals out.

The enclosed design eradicates many animal-related issues. Seagulls and other birds are not extracting trash and rodents of all kinds — from squirrels to rats — are barred access from the containers, which has in some cases reduced their overall population in areas where the solution has been deployed. Bees and other insects are denied access, too, keeping them from building nests and stinging visitors and citizens. Even bears are unable to access the waste contents due to the unique hopper design.